Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update: Free Screening of AmBisyon 2010

The controversial anthology of politically charged short films made by 20 Filipino directors screens for free on Wednesday, May 5, at 1-5 PM and 7-10 PM.

The venue? The UP Film Institute -- which finally made a stand on whether or not they will concede to be under the jurisdiction of the country's censors (the MTRCB). You may remember the fracas regarding X-rated gay movies.

AmBisyon, a project that aimed to shine a light on pertinent issues related to this year's elections, was supposed to air on the ABS-CBN News Channel and Studio 23, until the MTRCB slapped an X to two of the films, then later to just one, the film by director Jeffrey Jeturian, for smudging shit on the face of the current president of the Philippines.

Though none of the 20 shorts are gay-themed, you may want to join this free event as a show of support to freedom of speech. Or to at least see and judge for yourself.

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this ia great film to open other poeples mind