Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update: In Cinemas This Week

Bakal Boys

I have been remiss in my reviewing duties the past three months. I hope you didn't miss Last Supper No. 3, a comedy about a gay man who, by going through the hell that is the justice system, embodies the resilience of the regular Juan Dela Cruz -- How often do homosexuals step up to represent the entire citizenry? It's a gay movie for sure, even though people will be inclined to "defend" it's "not a gay movie" just because there's no gay sex.

This week is a busy one for Filipino films, with two definitely gay movies, Parisukat and Ben and Sam, in select theaters. But they're not the only indies making an appearance: The Red Shoes, a heterosexual love story starring Marvin Agustin and a pair of Imelda Marcos' shoes (Then again, How can an Imelda film not be a little bit gay?; It's also one for foot fetishists); and Bakal Boys, one of my favorite films of 2009, is not a gay movie, despite the suggestive title. It's a mesmerizing drama about children metal divers in the shores of Manila. The kids are cute, though, if that's your sort of thing, and one of its strongest themes is the friendship among boys. And of course, the already blockbuster hit studio entry Miss You Like Crazy, starring every mother's favorite son, John Lloyd Cruz, is still pimping itself to audiences nationwide. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back here. I really enjoy reading your reviews. :-)

And, um, speaking of which, I'm wondering how to get in touch with you if I had something (in this case a gay comic with Filipino characters) I thought you might like to review? I've searched for an email address to no avail. Is there a best way to reach you?

Thanks again for keeping us clued into the best in Filipino gay creations!


The Bakla Review said...

i love comix. i think there should be more filipino gay comix!

you may reach me at