Sunday, March 21, 2010

Survey Report: Your Best and Worst Pinoy Gay Movies of 2008

The sidebar on this blog is getting unmanageably long, so it's time to retire some of the polls. For posterity, here are the results:

What was the best Filipino gay movie of 2008?
19 votes

42% Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
26% Daybreak
21% The Thank You Girls
10% Walang Kawala
10% Manay Po 2
10% Kambyo
05% Dose
05% Sa Pagdapo Ng Mariposa
05% The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
05% Kurap
05% Binyag
05% Eskandalo
00% Jay, Lovebirds, Quicktrip, Imoral, Hugot, Kalakal, Lalamunan, Others

What was the worst Filipino gay movie of 2008?
7 votes

28% Hugot
14% Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
14% Walang Kawala
14% Kambyo
14% Manay Po 2
14% Sa Pagdapo Ng Mariposa

Poll Date: 2/14/2009

1 comment:

filipino gay films said...

I like Daybreak. for its quiet simplicity.

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