Friday, November 20, 2009

Update: In Video Stores This Month

November is turning out to be an abundant month in erotic direct-to-video movies. Queeriosity Video Project releases Kabalintunaan, Boarders Ni Kuya, Mga Lalaki Sa Dilim, and this week, Freshboys. Videoflick offers Sophomore. New makers Mango Tree Videos launches Summer Boys, available at Hilom and Queeriosity Palace, and hits regular outlets next week. I've seen the videos, and although my reviews can't keep up with the volume, I will say right now they're generally better than the usual crap. Collectors will have plenty to spend for this month. For the casual buyer, take your pick.


Anonymous said...

nabibili din ba sya sa F ?

london boy said...

I will surely buy summerboys when i go to hilom this week.

nice meeting you tonight tbr!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to your reviews on these new releases. I bought Sophomore and boy was Will Sandejas a trooper. definitely exceeded my expectations. as to Froilan - hohum whatever haha.

I would appreciate it very much if you can post reviews of the various queerclick releases. Based on my experience their quality tends to be a bit uneven so I need your guidance (uuuy) since so far your reviews agreee with my own appraisal of the flicks.

Next week na pala ang summerboys? Wohooooooh! este Aaaaaaay! hahaha

Anonymous said...

sna may trailer sa u tube mga sana mai download din..pls......................sana din may link ng mga ito....pati yung DARANG at LIBIDO,..pls//

Lestat said...

Hey TBR,

Im an avid reader of your work. Who are you? I always get infatuated by the way you write.

Anyway, im lookin forward to your review of Summerboys.

Hugs and Kisses.

The Bakla Review said...

@ #1 anonymous: i don't think so, but you can try asking the establishment directly.

@ london boy: nice meeting you too.

@ #3 anonymous: queerclick, or do you mean queeriosity?

@ #4 anonymous: like you, i also wish all upcoming titles have trailers on youtube.

@ lestat: thanks!

Anonymous said...

anonymous# 3 here. queeriosity pala. hehe just bought the summerboys VCD and let me tell you sulit na sulit although medyo bitin pa rin hehehe hope the DVD features more scenes. But let me tell you the boys are hot, hot, HOT!

on another topic muna: whatever happened to the Pinoy Gay Kamasutra video? Hope you can fill us in on some insider info if you have some. appreciate it...

ethan h said...

You can turn this site into a catalog of sorts for filipino gay films, with embedded trailers or links to trailers. Why don't you make it an encyclopedia of pinoy gay movies? Ay, maybe there's such a site already.

jOsh said...

another trash from mr.pablo!!