Wednesday, November 25, 2009

M2M Queer Fairy Tales

This collection of shorts lampoons well-known fairy tales for a gay sexual angle, mostly played for laughs. In a revision on Cinderella, the slave princess, her stepmother, and stepsister are all bitchy fags who want to boink the handsome prince. The gay Rampelstiltskin is out to claim no infant, but the hero's boyfriend. Beauty and the Beast becomes Bayot and the Beast. Funny? You bet. But the real surprise are the "moral lessons": modern and subversive takes on love and relationships. For example, the prince is turned off by divas-in-waiting, so take a good look at yourself if you are. Implicitly, like the politically correct fairy tale books, these clips are saying we would do better to imbibe more progressive values than the outdated lore of our forefathers.

Less effective are the shorts based on myths that aren't obvious targets for roasting -- one is a version on Filipino elementals that play with people who get lost in the forest (nice try, though), another is a riff on nighttime street spirits (a story that's near unintelligible).

But it's the production values that suck most glaringly. The tacky fairy tale design looks like a bad school play, and with the undisciplined filming, would be embarassing even for YouTube. Campy shouldn't be synonymous with cheap. How fantastic this could have been with a little more effort. Queer Fairy Tales gets by on wit -- and okay, sex, too. Actors include Jef Tabason, Bobby Reyes, Sam Corpuz, Richard Lopez, Danilo Lee, Marcus Gutierrez, and Rusty Adonis. Produced by Queeriosity Video Project.

Grade: B


Lestat said...

It seems that Queeriosity Video Project is getting used to churning out these types of direct to video cheapness. I mean, if you are going to produce a video, why not just make it worthy of the target audience's time and money. The production values including, but not limited to, costumes, camera work, lighting, editing, all suck (figuratively!)!!! I really don't get it. I also just saw Mga Lalake sa Dilim, and it just ran for almost 30 minutes and it even suffers from the abovementioned problems. Its such a waste of money and time.

Anonymous said...

ok lang sana ..di naman for public viewing ito diba????sino lang may gustong makakita lalo na mag gay pipol,.san kaya makakakuha ng video na ito???san amay link na send sa mga yahoogroup diba???pti yung DARANG at LIBIDO gusto ko makita ,...san makakabili o kaya kahit link lang diba??????ok lang ito basta wag ipalabas sa sinehan kahit todo hubad,.....kahit nga porno sana e,.diba.gusto ko yung totoong chinuchupa ng gay si JOHNRON TANADA,..JOHN APACIBLE etc.

JOsh said...

Bad movie. Another waste of money. The sex scene in the street was ok but should have been better. Don't expect even some good frontal shots or peeks at least. Is this the mtrcb's fault? The first queeriosity videos are really amateur too (coverboys, unkoverdboyz, etc) but at least you can see some peeks on hard cocks, pubic hair, etc.

Yeah Lestat. Lalake sa dilim was the worst! Nadadala na ko to buy original videos kung ganyan rin lang. Sayang kase they could have my support 'coz i buy originals and avoid pirated discs and downloading. Tsk tsk.

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