Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Will Sandejas

Everyone had an opinion on Freshman, whether they’ve actually seen the video or not. The follow-up Sophomore one-ups its predecessor, as if to address the protests. There are not one but two featured models – Will Sandejas (Sikil) and Froilan Moreno (Kalakal) – which makes room for more sexual scenarios. Both guys dangle their privates – Your wishes have been heard! – at first shyly, then later aggressively. For extra usefulness, the entire gig is built as an instructional on how to get sexy on the beach. (Sample tip: Go topless. What?) In fact, SophoMore couldn’t be farther from Freshman conceptually, and the only continuity is in the title – and the creepy voice-over.

But the most special added ingredient is the sensuality of Will Sandejas. Here’s a guy who knows how to utilize his body for maximum visual effect, the mark of an actor in control. When he pleasures his partner with his lips and tongue and his gracefully arched positions, the heat burns a hole through the screen. I wish I could say the same for Froilan Moreno, who must’ve been asked to play coy but instead comes off as play-pretending. But he also does some wonderful things with his mouth and hands. The romancing in SophoMore is pretty darn real. You want nipple-sucking? You got nipple-sucking! It couldn’t have been easy with all that clingy sand. Props to the guys. When Junior comes out, can I be the third guy?


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Anonymous said...

please upload the photos of dis two guys while standing both naked fronting the cam..

Lestat said...

this video is one of those few releases that's really worth our hard-earned peso! getitgetitgetit!

Lestat said...

I hope the makers of Queeriosity Video Project take notice and follow suit instead of regurgitating the same old cheap shiz all the time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, recommended. Worth your money.

Anonymous said...

pano yung taga middel east gusto maka panood nito,.??dapat may link para i download diba?????