Friday, September 12, 2008

KFC Shrimp Surfers Commercial

The commercials think outing homosexuals is funny. I would say wait, in real life, it's potentially very serious matter to the gay person, especially if the outing is not by his own initiative. But these admakers sure do make it funny.

In an all-male table meeting, an office dude tells his mates that someone is hiding a secret, and that he has just the thing to make him squeal. He proceeds to open a box of KFC, and, alas, someone indeed squeals. The image that follows is a few short seconds of performance comedy gold. Who is this actor who plays the closet office worker? With quivering fingers and a face tangled in knots of anxiety, he makes the surprise revelation work. Kudos, too, to the actor who does his nervous voice: "May shrimp na sa KFC, pare."

Like me, you may argue that an effeminate reaction doesn't necessarily mean a guy is gay, and that it's just another old stereotype used by marketers who want to say they include people like us in their agenda. But then, nowhere in the commercial is "gay" ever mentioned, so maybe the copywriters have pulled a clever trick on us -- winking at something we conclude for ourselves. More likely, the spot is aimed at the young urban office demographic, no matter which gender. Who can't relate to having a co-worker with a secret?

You may also wonder why his business buddies would want to out him in the first place, except only to have an excuse for a group hug, and to reassure him (and each other) that "We accept you." I guess that's the consolation. Outing is funny business, but it becomes feel-good with acceptance. Let's ignore the excuses that the guy makes as the advert closes. Maybe he's not ready yet, even though the good-looking men around him seem too eager to press their bodies against him. The great positive message in this commercial is not in the homosexual who comes out, but in the straight men who are unafraid to express tolerance and intimacy.


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Anonymous said...

Hi! I havent seen the said ad in this part of the phils (mindanao) but what i saw seems to be the flipside of said ad. The kfc ad here features girls with one of them standing out with her sunglasses and a piece of cloth tied around her neck. her eyes were shown only in one pic but she seems (to me) like a transvestite/transgender. in one pic the piece of cloth hardly covered a adam's apple.

Anonymous said...

very well said, my friend. i love your thoughts on this commercial.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Haven't see this commercial yet. Nice review again. U're very insightful.

Beauty From Within said...

All I can say to your take on the KFC Shrimp Surfer Commercial is AMEN sister!

For those of you who hasn't seen the commercial, here is the you tube link:

This is a very positive commercial and what you said is exactly my take on the matter. I wish all my straight male friends treated me the way that guy had in that commercial when I came out. They never suspected I was a diyosa and it took them a while to grasp the reality that I favor the rainbow cape. I'm not girly kasi eh. Mas barako pa nga ako sa ibang barkada lalo na pag lasing or ginugulat. They even set me up with different girls in the hope of "converting" me back daw kasi sayang ang lahi. HAHAHA!

Truth be said. I like this commercial than the Sunkist Iced Tea which came out last year. Yun binakla talaga yung bakla.

Eto yung link:

What do you think mga kapatid? Kayo na ang humusga.

closet case said...

the life of a closeted corporate guy is replete with instances of near exposes or outings. and rightly, this is no laughing matter for the hapless chaps.

but even the closeted corporate guy laughs at the outing of another colleague. so this situation is oh so tongue-in-cheek even for him.

advertisers and their agencies are quick to spot trends in the workplace especially if this is their chosen demographic. id like to think that the popularity of gays in the workplace as theme for ads reflects 1) straights realizing that queer is here to stay 2) tolerance if not acceptance.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

for their insensitivity, i think you were a bit generous...C- i say

thebaklareview said...

to anonymous: that sounds like an interesting ad. what dialect is it in?

E said...

:-) but tell me...what about your thoughts about this sunkist comercial? hehehhehehe

- chronicles of e

thebaklareview said...

to e:

i already reviewed that sunkist commercial one year ago. here.

Anonymous said...

Hi TBR, it is also a KFC ad featuring women. the ad looks like a slide show. music and voice over in english, no dialogue. It was aired earlier than the shrimp surfer tvc and is still being aired here. :)

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