Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunkist Iced Tea - "Basketball"

Just how many commercials out there feature a finger running down a sweaty chest, ass-grabbing, chest-bumping, and three peeling off of basketball jerseys, one of which reveals a shaved armpit -- in 30 seconds?

This ad for Sunkist Iced Tea may or may not be homophobic, I'm still not sure. We're supposed to laugh at the idea of a basketball player (who's MVP, so he must be macho), suddenly turned "honest" after drinking the iced tea, and divulges -- in a flamboyant manner -- his real motivations for playing the game: the boys. The ad subverts stereotypes (that athletes, particularly in the macho sport of basketball, can be gay too) even as it feeds on them (they're in the closet and their "true" selves are sex-obsessed screaming faggots). The last reaction of the teammate on the right is point for discussion. However, the guys are hot, and the display of skin is delicious. Who are these terrific models? I didn't really find it funny, and I don't know if it effectively sells its product, but it has instantly become one of my favorite commercials for all time. I can't stop watching it.


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Tony said...

Haha. I always laugh out loud when I watch this. I'm not too sure if one could call it homophobic since usually a homophobic person/ commercial would opt not to show any homosexuality at all.

The other series of commercial I like is the Alaxan FR one. Especially the one where they play basketball that featured Alizon Andres shirtless. :D

Anonymous said...

now, i can't stop watching it. - lategreat

thebaklareview said...

tony, you don't think that last shot of the guy on the right says he's homophobic? :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that last shot was a direct allusion to homophobia.

For me, it actually symbolizes the withdrawal of an erection, meaning his fellow players admired him to the point that it was nearly blatantly homoerotic. But when he showed his effeminate nature, they suddenly lost that admiration.

At least that's how I see it. :) Haha..