Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Survivor Philippines

The local version of the reality gameshow Survivor, which premiered this week, appears to be an exact replica of the U.S. format -- but with an advantage: Pinoy brown skin looks damn good in a tropical island setting.

I almost don't care what happens, as long as the hot men keep strutting their shirtless torsos at the beach, exerting their muscles to their physical limits, exposing armpits during tribe meetings, and speaking with testosterone passion. The show is daily eye candy, and already an achievement in focus group casting. The automechanic is a model (John Lopez), the basketball player is a model, though it's never mentioned (JC Tiuseco), the businessman was a Cosmo magazine bachelor (Kiko Rustia), while the driver, sewing machine technician, gym instructor, and sales person (Cris Cartagenas, Emerson Dino, Jace Flores Jr., and Rob Sy) might be models as well, if models acted like real men. Even the 48-year old web designer (Gigit Sulit) is probably a model, a fine daddy specimen. The most plain of the male castaways, looks-wise, is a waiter who's heavy in the midsection (Marlon Carmen), but also seems interesting in his own right. Is it a coincidence that the least hunky guy is also played up to be the main dissenter with a sour attitude?

Grouping and in-fighting are expected story angles, and it looks like it will be a predictably "surprising" season. But what I'm really jonesing to see is how much hotter the men will become as their beards overgrow, their bodies get stinkier, and hunger eats away their stored body fat. If the plot gets boring, or worse, if the personalities turn limp, I can still watch this thing with the mute button on. Oh, the women are hot too, but you didn't hear that from me. The pilot week is barely over, and I'm already waiting for the DVD.


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Anonymous said...

sherwin salvalosa is one violent flipino bakla deport him back to iloilo!

ethan h said...

Problem for me is that this show has the same time as slot as Kahit Isang Saglit, and I sorely miss Jericho Rosales. I also find the chemistry between Jericho and the Malaysian girl really sweet. Heart Evangelista had every right to be jealous.

thebaklareview said...

hi, ethan h: feel free to share more of your views on "kahit isang saglit".

ethan h said...

Survivor reached as much as 30% TV ratings last week, while its rival in the same time slot (Kahit Isang Saglit) rated only half that. The 30% for a 10 pm show is quite good, a sort of phenomenon. They should already start producing the next one. The lesson: sex sells. The cast is hotness!

ethan h said...

My thoughts of Kahit Isang Saglit? A risk for ABS to have produced such a show: lots of English speaking and subtitled scenes with unknown actors, and starring Echo who isn't so hot at the moment. Its your typical teleserye storyline and melodrama but for the cross border love angle.

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