Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Striptease: The Art of Erotic Dancing


As an instructional on erotic dancing, it's only vaguely informative. As an erotica of three stripping women, I don't care. But there are three hot men here -- called "special guests" -- who play audience and participants to the women. Happily, they strip and tease too. And that's what I care about a lot.

The hottest segment features Francis Torres as the object of a lapdance. As he sits on a chair, the woman taunts him, strips him down to his whities, then bounces up and down on his groin, which bulges and responds quite nicely. His facial reactions are sometimes weird, but he's still hot. What's this guy up to next? Give us more of him!

francistorres05 harrycuevas01
Francis Torres, Harren Cuevas

Harren Cuevas is the best performer though. He emerges from a cake in nothing but a black tanga t-back brief, exposing smooth pube-less sides, then later attacked by three women on the bed, pouring wine on his body and licking him up. His undies are slipped off at the end just to give us a glimpse of his nice ass. His acting is apt -- bemused, like a gigolo whose surprise turns around to surprise him back. He's more like an overwhelmed little boy. Awww.

The third hot man is Jerwin Mercado, in military-type overalls and moody lighting, with two femme fatales.

All three guys join three girls for a wet outdoor romp in the closing act. Most of the video is fast-forwardable, but the good parts are really good, with a crisp clarity, albeit lacking in money shots. Sometimes I wish these "teases" would show a little more of the coveted body parts and stop being such teases. There aren't any extra sights on the DVD extras, but the interviews have some pretty titillating questions and answers. I thought Jerwin Mercado was hotter as a talking human being than as a silent toy. Not only do I want to see more of him, I want to hear more of his natural retorts, or maybe some moaning and groaning. I even want to date him.

Almost satisfying. Someone should do an all-male version of this. Go ahead, I won't charge for the idea.



Anonymous said...

i always wonder whats inside this dvd/vcd. So its worth collecting pala, hehehe :)

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