Monday, August 20, 2007

Red Hot Magazine - No. 4

dave rebolledo
Dave Rebolledo

The three models baring for this issue oddly look alike, with similar lean bodies and facial features. I couldn't tell where one begins and another ends. Ivan Maxwell, RG San Jose, and coverboy Dave Rebolledo, though each good-looking (I'll have sex with any of them), have unfortunately been bunched together to emphasize their ordinariness. It's as if the magazine strives to look generic.

Red Hot is one of today's "lesser" sexy male mags, even though its pages are bigger and the price is about the same as more popular titles. Red Hot scrimps on content. Only three models? I think articles in magazines are overrated too, so I welcome cover-to-cover pictures and the occassional bio, but those photos better pack some punch. The photography here is often common and unimaginative. I wished someone dangled his dick in full view just to break the monotony of the bakat (bulge). The printing, murky and flat in dull colors, does justice to neither the models nor the photography. It can be redder and hotter than this. Maybe next issue? Which I can't wait to see. Because although shots of reclining men and tight undies tend to be boring when it's all that's offered repeatedly, I'll take what I can get.



Anonymous said...

i have 9 photos of dave and his stiff banana in full glory! it's heavenly! i couldn't help but think what made him do that. he came from a decent, well off family and works as a med rep in unilab which we all know is a conservative company. i'm confirming if he's still connected w/ them after the leakage of his photos. i can attest and so are photo experts that his nude shots are real, unedited, and unphotoshopped. i don't know who's that guy claiming to have done the retouching when every single body shot matches the face perfectly, and take note of the moles too. even the shape of his banana which is slightly bent to the right is clear in every photo. i don't see him as the victim here as obviously the poses were not candid. for whatever reason he has, let's just accept it and enjoy what he has shared with us. enjoy gossipgirls!


Anonymous said...

i saw it too..

Cimon said...

Mas gusto ko ang pic nya dito, Mas cute sya at decent , nakakaloka kasi yung iba nyang pic kita ang notchels laki laki pa naman