Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Survey Report: Your Favorite Films From Altarejos, Lamangan, and Pablo

The sidebar on this blog is getting unmanageably long, so it's time to retire some of the polls. For posterity, here are the results:

Which is your favorite Joselito Altarejos-Lex Bonife movie?
72 votes

62% Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
13% Ang Lalake Sa Parola
09% Little Boy/Big Boy
05% Kambyo
05% "I dislike them all."
02% "I haven't seen any."
Poll date: 8/27/09
*This poll was made prior to the release of Ang Laro Sa Buhay Ni Juan.

Which is your favorite movie by DMV Entertainment?
69 votes

34% "They suck."
33% Heavenly Touch
13% Walang Kawala
10% I Love Dreamguyz
08% "I haven't seen them."
Poll date: 11/21/09

Which is the best feature film by Crisaldo Pablo?
84 votes

32% Showboyz
22% "I dislike them."
14% Bathhouse
07% Duda/Doubt
07% Quicktrip
07% "I haven't seen any."
03% Bilog
03% Pitong Dalagita
01% Moreno
01% SEB: Cyber Game of Love
00% Metlogs
00% Retaso
Poll date: 8/29/09
*This poll was made prior to the release of Boylets and Campus Crush.

Now's your chance to weigh in on the responses. Surprised? Repulsed? Care to explain your choices? Let's talk about our movies! Maybe someone will hear us.

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