Friday, December 18, 2009

Campus Crush

The campus in question is an alternate universe where everyone is gay. The students wear pink and yellow uniforms and organize events such as “Equality Week”. Strip away the whimsy, and the school operates as in any other teen flick: There are friendships, betrayals, unrequited loves, and everyone is trying to get into each other’s pants. The jocks do it for the bragging rights, as when the swim team make bets on shagging the biggest losers in campus, while the rich offer iPods in exchange for fellatio in the showers.

That’s the subversive challenge of the movie Campus Crush: In the great power struggle, whether you have It or not has little to do with gender. So why do people in the real world make an issue of homosexuality, when the driving factors are usually beauty, wealth, confidence, values (or the lack of it) -- everything but gender?

Arjay Carreon is the brooding, well-to-do alpha male with a sensitive side, while Joeffrey Javier is the poor, bad-postured nerd who’s a romantic idealist, and the two charismatic actors have incredible chemistry. In a showboating role as the flamboyant best friend, Chamyto is a blast of unpredictable comic energy.

Writer-Director-Producer Crisaldo Vicente Pablo, who helms the afternoon TV teen series Lipgloss, at the same time heads the direct-to-video line of gay erotica Queeriosity Video Project, has scored a mash-up of both. Campus Crush is a gay fantasy sex movie young comedy romance! Beat that. Yet the film also doesn’t escape the limitations of each genre, embracing even the shortcuts and unpolished craftsmanship. That makes it feel slighter than it ought to be, but it’s a lot of fun.


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joelmcvie said...

Kakaiba itong si Cris Pablo hah! He's churning out more work that Artemio Marquez during his heyday. Pablo's a one-man Regal, Seiko and Viva. I don't know if I should cheer or weep.

gibbs cadiz said...

or brillante mendoza for prolific output. aay, ibang level ba siya? lol. :)

the barefoot baklesa said...

i must agree with mr. macaventa... by the sheer number of what he's come up with, he deserves mention in pinoy gay cinema history in the future...or something of the sort

juniorah said...

i love this movie... lalo na yung theme song na ginamit... ano ba title nung theme song & yung artist na kumanta... san ko kaya pwede idownload yung song

Anonymous said...

binaboy nyo lng c arjay sa tf na hlos pang jolibee lng

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