Monday, June 1, 2009

Nagmahal Ako Ng Bakla - Dagtang Lason

You know how people accuse hiphop of being homophobic? Well, this old-school rap is all about love for gays, sort of. In the knock-you-off-your-seat sing-along refrain, the group Dagtang Lason declare they're bums who got tired of women, so now they prefer gay amours.

The song, which is at least over a year old, should have been a hit. The MC'ing isn't perfect -- awkward phrasing and rough rhymes here and there -- but it has the immediate ticklish appeal of a hysteria-inducing novelty song. Half of it is spent dissing women as users and heartbreakers, but the punchlines are reserved for homos, calling us on sexually transmitted disease or as means to get money. Because the modern climate of gay-straight relations in the Philippines is too loose and colorful, I can't tell if the song is a nasty put-down capitalizing on bad stereotypes or just a bunch of guys who are sincerely sharing how they feel. It's likely both. "Nagmahal Ako Ng Bakla", in spots, can seem naively romantic. The video, a no-budget DIY affair, is fun to watch because I keep imagining those boys making love with the gay species, like me.


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Miong21 said...

Yeah, I've already heard this one on a jeepney ride on the way home. Creeps me out 'cos it a hiphop song and we all know how much the hiphop music industry bashes out gay people. But the story in the song is true in some ways.

Anonymous said...

Great song. I'm gay but I would not choose any of the singers to be one of my partner. Hehehe. Bakla man ako peri may "taste" la run.

Anonymous said...

I have no respect to the Filipino boys because they are money-motivating people. They should rotted in hell. Hu taya respeto kontra man lahen filipino!

Anufi, Patronesa-in-waiting ng mga Veykla said...

Yes, na-win nitong song na 'to ang puso kech in more ways than one. Na-off lang ako sa mga lines na itwu:
1. Na bakla na lang ang iibigin ko
Di na ko masasaktan nagkapera pa ako.
2. Mahal kita wag lang sana kong magkatulo.
3. Umibig ng bakla nakakalat lang yan diyan
4. Pero wag kang umasa na sa'kin ka maka-isa
Bago tayo magtabi sa kama magpa-opera
Oh di ba hi-tech?

Pero overall, I love eeet!

meynardpalanca said...

lols. what a scholarly review of a pop-culture video that doesnt dignify gays but in fact classify them as second rate vs women (bakla na LANG"). kudos!

ill find ways of milking money from straight guys to turn things around :)

Anonymous said...

haha. chill people. I made a female version for the chorus. wahaha :P the song kinda captured my attention. but saying that girls are very addicted to money? not a chance. mga POKers lang un! DUH!? :P

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