Saturday, May 23, 2009

M2M Eyeball 2

There are just too many stories of gay men who meet through the internet or phone that the intriguing but limp direct-to-video M2M Eyeball simply needed a follow-up. (The first one also probably made big bucks.) The new shorts are a tighter and more confident bunch, smooth like parables. The funniest bit involves two bottoms who jump into their encounter of errors by wiggling their buns at each other. But the wisest entry shows a judgmental whiner who rejects his partner then eats his words when he glimpses his long tool, until finally, he gets a dose of his own medicine. Director Harbi Estradough demonstrates a knack for comedy; even his somber clips move with wit. The lone contribution by Crisaldo Pablo, though sluggish, finishes with a clever visual reveal.

Like the first one, how much you enjoy M2M Eyeball 2 depends on how hot you think the guys are. Most have full frontals, to help make your decision. They are Prince Ballesteros, RJ Reyes, Echo, Emon, Topher Barreto, Edwin Vargas, Derek Estacio, Ian Portuguez, Andro Morgan, and Mark Rodriguez. Most of them appeared in past releases by Queeriosity Video Projects, and my grade below reflects how high they raised my temperature this time around, or not.


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really? said...

aww, you actually gave this raw semi-movie a B?

Anonymous said...

all i can say is "GRABE"!!!this video is high on my list in terms of libido of the local direct to video m2m pinoy films.. :-)