Monday, April 27, 2009

New Trailer: Pinoy Gay Kamasutra


Anonymous said...

Ang laswa! Hayluvet! Hahaha. Oh and Jeff Luna and Red are here. Nice!

Clark Can't said...

Armpits!!! Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my, kelan ito i palabas?? or direct to DVD ba ito?? mag collect ako 10 orig copies nito pag lumbas na (lumabas ang alin?? bwwahaha!!)

astrodeus said...

Nice One! I wonder if there is a Filipino term for "kama sutra". Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

ayay, di na gumagana yung youtube nya...any idea where we can still watch the trailer?? X tube perhaps???

ethan h said...

Sorry. I complained to youtube about the unsuitability of the video. I was expecting they just would require log in and age verification like they do for adult other videos, and not remove it totally

The same is true for the Pitik Bulag trailer.

Maybe other gay blogs have uploaded them.

Anonymous said...

nasa xtube po eto..type the title sa search

Anonymous said...

where is "Pinoy Gay Ksmasutra" video available?

Anonymous said...

marerelease pa kaya ang dvd nito? parang hindi na ata. tagal ko na inaantay to e

kamasutra free said...

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Anonymous said...

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