Thursday, April 16, 2009

M2M 4: Exxxtreme: The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex

John Miller and Cedric Javier

In the dubious genre of erotica masquerading as instructional videos, the fourth M2M has reached a nadir in uselessness. The concept is corny – that we should use our senses in lovemaking (duh) – but the “tips” are worse: They seem to have been plucked from an idiot’s ass. You want to know how to use your sense of hearing? Play the piano while your partner bangs the drum.

Yet the most unforgivable atrocity of a video about the senses is that it’s not sensual. In the section about sight, we hardly see the two men’s bodies because they’re concealed in shadows in a cramped shower. The section about hearing (like the entire video) has no natural sound, only the overused score we’ve heard in past M2M products. The people behind this obviously didn’t want to spend much.

Which leaves us with the cult of the featured men. It’s great to see John Miller and Cedric Javier finally doing another sexy video, after their brief turns in Provoq and Pinoy Kamasutra respectively. While it would have been nice to see them back when their bodies were in better shape, they still pack sex appeal and it’s a treat to see them cavorting together. The rookiest of the troupe, Joseff Young, is the best performer. He has the enviable/unenviable task of licking chocolate syrup as it mixes with the cascading gallons of sweat on the body of Kristofer King. Paolo Rivero headlines the cast, but his participation is so tiny as to be negligible.



Mac Callister said...

i saw this at videostore!haha but didnt buy ayoko kasi mabitin baka la masyado makita LOL

Joseph said...

honestly, i cannot understand why producers of this kind of videos just cannot get it. gagawa ng supposed to be sexy/sensual video, basta m2m, asahan mo, walang ka latoy latoy ang gawa.

hinog sa pilit. ewan kung yan ang tamang termino na gamitin for this video.

Vlad said...

Hi Guys!! I'm new to this blog site. Where can I get the M2M series videos ? Available po ba siya sa mga video stores or pwede ko rin po ba syang ma-download sa internet ?

Thanks so much.

thebaklareview said...

hi vlad. yes they're available in video stores. probably on the internet too.