Saturday, November 29, 2008

What was the Hottest Pinoy TV Moment of 2008?

It's scientifically impossible to watch everything on TV, even in the age of TiVo. That is why we rely on each other to tell us what we missed.

Thus, this survey. What was the hottest thing you saw on TV in the last twelve months? A particular hunk doing a particular thing on a particular soap, perhaps? Anything sexy from the reality shows, variety, sports, comedies, documentaries, news, even commercials? It could be a moment as quick as a blink of an eye or one that lasts an entire episode. Post your pick(s) in the comments section. A video link to convince us would be nice.

To get the ball rolling, I submit my first nomination.

For your consideration...

Ejay Falcon Makes a Tarzan Entrance in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus


chuayjai said...

Actually, I agree with you. Ejay's entrance in PBB was the hottest Pinoy TV moment last year. :)

Pero just for the sake of nominating...

1) JC De Vera's macho dancing in Obra

2) Van Roxas white undie slip in Studio 23's livestream of Pinoy Dream Academy

3) A topless Chris Tiu stunt in Pinoy Records

4) Dennis Trillo's macho dancing for a GMA afternoon soap

5) Ejay's bukaka moments in PBB

6) Aljur's bakat moments in Zaido

7) The trailer for Volta featuring a very gifted Dino Guevara

Clark Can't said...

I second the motion!


To chuayjai: Ur #5 pick may be the hottest...yet!!!

I jerked off on that video! For reals! :P

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