Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo

The ridiculousness doesn't stop in Lalamunan, but the experience is more frustrating than fun. That's because the potentially delirious setup -- a husband who sleeps with his driver and batters his wife, who sleeps with her doctor -- has been plotted and executed in the lamest way imaginable. Lalamunan is cheap, in all senses of the word.

I worry that Writer-Director Jigz Recto, who also composed the beer garden theme song, has neither eye nor pulse for what he's doing, because the movie is afflicted by an ugly stiltedness that makes every acting awkward and the scenes moribund, including the sex. How can a buttfuck between Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo not be steamy? Or Rico Barrera in a bunch of lovemaking with his women? See it and weep.

A few silly moments, however, got my blood going. Rico Barrera's nipple is "absentmindedly" finger-flicked by his partner throughout an entire sequence of talking in bed. Ran Domingo sports an attention-calling stiffie in his white undies. And, best of all, Jordan Herrera's buns in full view in the shower cuts directly to Ran Domingo's buns in the bedroom. If only the rest of this boring movie were as cheeky.


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Anonymous said...

ugliest indie film ever...actors need some workshop! grade: F

pnoise said...

Only "C-" ? C'mon you're being charitable.

The film was so HILARIOUSLY INANE the people at the premiere---yes, it is to my naive ignominy that I went---were screaming "ILABAS NYO NA AKO DITO!". I even saw the person beside me tearing his hair out in exasperation.

Talagang sasakit ang LALAMUNAN mo sa katatawa kapag pinanood mo ang pelikulang LALAMUNAN. Not that it was ever intentionally funny--but then again that's surely a less painful way of suffering through the film than tearing your hair out, right?

Alec said...

hope this will reach youtube.

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