Saturday, October 18, 2008

Five Movies Desperately Wanted On Video

I can understand if an old movie is hard to find. Wouldn't it be fantastic to own a DVD of Sex Warriors and the Samurai? But what to make of recent films that still don't get video releases? Surely, celluloid disintegration is not a problem in the digital age, and neither are licensing and other legal issues that plague the old productions. Could it be the censors? Producers taking too much time to find distribution? It doesn't make a lot of sense considering the current boom in video sales especially of gay-themed movies. Here are five I'm most clamoring for.

Troika (2007)
With hunks Andre Soriano and Jamil Basa in a bisexual love triangle, and darlings of the gay community Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, and Will Sandejas among the supporting buff miners, Ihman Esturco's directorial debut is a sure video hit, especially since it was shown in only 25 theaters in early 2007. Release the video!

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (2005)
A pre-scandal Paolo Serrano plays a macho dancer auditioning to become an actor, while a pre-Parola Justin De Leon is a masseur. These are two of the four stories about spiritual men and their bodies in this Gil Portes-directed drama, written by future star director Adolf Alix, Jr. The other two stories aren't as gay, but the cast is handsome enough: Neil Ryan Sese and Richard Quan. Release the video!

Hada (2006)
A boy runs away from his rural home to seek his lost father in the city, meets Emilio Garcia, then a twist. On video, we can fastforward the strange, boring parts where nothing happens (like a mother cooking) to jump directly to the strange parts where nothing happens but are not boring! (Like boys bathing.) It's one of the 10 Best Macho Dancer Movies Ever. Release the video!

inter.m@tes (2004)
The story of gay friends who meet over the internet and bond in Puerto Galera depict friendship a la Broken Hearts Club, though not as charming. Produced and directed by Hamilton McLeod, it has the same commitment to modern gay attitudes as Cris Pablo's movies, but did not find similar success then. The ensemble includes Ian Veneracion as a closeted gay actor, with Raymond Bagatsing, Simon Ibarra, William Thio, Miguel Moreno, Mike Lloren, Jomari Jose, and Jojo Alejar. Release the video!

Sinungaling Na Buwan (Liar Moon) (2007)
From an award-winning screenplay, the Ed Lejano drama about three heartbreaks (one is gay), with Jake Macapagal, Frank Garcia, JR Valentin, Perry Escano, and Ricky Davao, was hardly ever seen, having been abruptly pulled from the Cinemalaya competition in 2007 and never released theatrically. It will likely find its audience if someone follows this advise: Release the video!


Anonymous said...

i think ang tatay kong nanay is available in powerbooks branches (i got one in serendra) several months back. the movie was released in dvd by unitel.

thebaklareview said...

yeah you're right, anonymous. my mistake. thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oo nga. i am also having hard time connecting to that blog. .

thebaklareview said...

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Anonymous said...

hey.. i sure wish all the films u listed will be released in dvd soon.. :-)

em a supported of pinoy "indie" films and mind u, i buy d original dvd..:-)

Anonymous said...

ngek.. SUPPORTER dapat yun.aehhehe typo po