Saturday, May 10, 2008


Finally, a trashy video that’s B-movie excellent! It’s the story of a model photoshoot in a haunted mansion, and because even the ghost is a sexpot, there’s nudity and sex galore! Funny and raunchy as hell. Granted, it’s made with the straight guy in mind, so there’s loads of boobies and lesbian coupling that’ll require a fast forward button.

However, as the narcissistic photographer, Josh Ivan Morales is a juggernaut of horniness. Anything the hunk does – or says – onscreen is charged with the joy of guiltless sex, and it’s contagious. I’ve never seen him act so free and loose, not even in his porn past. During sex, he expresses how proud he is of himself by raising both his arms to flex his muscles and kisses his bulging biceps – while still humping the woman! He does this on three different occassions. He’s dripping with sweat, too, and the look on his face is pure cocky machismo. If anyone has had any doubt that the guy’s a sex god, lend them this video.

The only other male in the cast is a skinny, youthful cutie named Martin McKenze, who plays the photographer’s assistant. For a comic relief with an annoying whine, he’s hot, too, as he gamely poses with only a few leaves covering his genitals and he shows masterful tongue-flicking and nipple-sucking on one model. I loved how his tongue seemed to have a life of its own throughout the video. And my god, his pink nipples.

Eric Ramos, the guy behind the also-great-but-straight Sikreto Ni Kuya, knows how to have dirty fun. We could learn a lot from his approach: His videos are sexy because there’s a celebration of mindless pleasure at its core. A gay version of him is needed, especially in these times when our gay sex image seems always troubled by a tragic seriousness.


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Manny the Movie Guy said...

You're an excellent writer! I'm very proud of you :) And this coming from a fellow Filipino gay critic, living and working in the US...check my site one of these

Babu for now!


controlmyanger said...

where did you get these movies? please email it to me. tnx.

thebaklareview said...

to contorlmyanger,

these titles are available in video and record stores in the philippines. people outside the country may order through online stores like kabayancentral and divisoria. i don't endorse particular sites and maybe there are better ones.

to mannythemovieguy,

apir! :-)

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