Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome Reader Reviews

I'm on a break. The Bakla Review is on temporary hiatus for the remainding days of April. Reviews resume in May.

Friends and passers-by are invited to share reviews of any gay-related artifacts recently seen, read, heard, touched, sucked, whatever. Like, is the new Mano Po 2 better than the first one? What do you think of the Pinoy Big Brother teens? Any recent magazine spreads you've jacked off to?

You may post in the comments section or send via email at I may publish some submissions as official bakla reviews. Because even if I'm on a break, the world won't stop producing gay goodies -- or baddies. Let's keep informing one another.


Anonymous said...

kapatid, have you watched this na? ito yung sa cebu doctors scandal... ano kaya gagawin ng mga gay/lesbians activists dito???

Anonymous said...

Oist! You should have been here to watch Manay Po 2 with me! lolz.

It was an altogether brainless movie that you just sit through and laugh at the funny antics from time to time.

The main reason to watch this is of course the boys! Sid Lucero plays as the boyfriend of Polo Ravales. Paolo Rivero plays a bit part in the film. You know what this means? It is makes it almost one film away from my Sid-Coco dream movie! lolz

There are other several cute actors who play bit roles to move the story along, but yeah, boys boys boys boys! More shirtless scene please. :P

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