Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Trailer: Ben and Sam


Anonymous said...

What's so funny? hahaha

Looking forward to see this movie.

Anonymous said...

ray an dulay na naman?! wala na ba ibang actors na pwedeng kunin for a gay-themed movie? he can't even express much on screen. hay...

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks very promising. And the more interesting because it features a lot of theater actors. Hope they can pull it off.

Manech said...

The last (what's so funny) bit also made me laugh. Panalo!

ethan h said...


Anonymous said...

Ben and Sam - Love in the Realm of Pretenses


Conceit seems to successfully filter through the director of “Ben and Sam”. In one of the scenes, a film class shows its students what would be a superior film; a film that champions the truth – or “troot” as beautifully enunciated several times by the characters! The film in question? The remarkable “Fidel” – Mark Shandii Bacolod’s horrible amateur schlock!

What university classifies “Fidel” as a respectable work of art deserves to be shut down for good for they teach spurious materials to impressionable young minds! In fact, whoever made the scholastic curriculum for this particular film class should be crucified and fed to the lethal Safari Ants of Kenya! Yes, that’s you, Angeli Bayani! LOL

Anonymous said...

A Serious Film
by Philbert Ortiz Dy
posted on Friday, March 12, 2010 in Movie Reviews


The titular characters of Ben and Sam are film students, and we occasionally join them in one of their film classes. There, they watch films and have long-winded discussions about some vague idea of cinematic truth. One of the films that they watch is Fidel. Their teacher introduces it by pretty much holding it up as an example of responsible cinema, bringing attention to an issue that’s generally ignore. “I don’t want to catch anyone sleeping,” she warns the class, before telling them that she’s not really worried about that. “It’s not a sleeper.”

I mention this because the director of Ben and Sam is only the second film of Mark Shandii Bacolod. His first film was Fidel. Bacolod seems to really think highly of himself, and he appears to think that his latest film, Ben and Sam, is a step above the general state of local gay cinema. Now, I’ve seen Fidel, and I happen to think that it is indeed a sleeper. The same could be said about Ben and Sam, which has hilariously confused ideas about what constitutes truth in cinema. It’s all deliriously pretentious, with none of the talent to back it up.

RT said...

The film was in general, blah.

The few things I liked.

The new kid who played Sam, I think, did a dance at the end of the film (or so I thought). That was the highlight and his best exposure. He is raw but the film wasn't able to bring out that much from him.

I like the score and the songs. Wish I can get a copy of the songs. In most times, it tries too hard to touch on issues but didn't come out tight. And of course, the over dramatized doom of gay life.