Saturday, October 31, 2009

Locker Boys

True to its title, the scenery doesn't change. Five clips of the same friggin' locker room, and the same thing happening: Some guy walks in and plays with himself -- except for one variation when a second guy assists. Cheap, right? So why am I thoroughly amused?

I keep waiting for the guys to show me the money, that's why. The suspense is built-in. If it were porn, I would know exactly what to expect. But it's MTRCB-approved, publicly available softcore erotica, so I'm giddy with the possibilities amidst the repression. Which is, in a way, what the images of boys jerking off in this video represent. And they enjoy their freedom, so to speak, with flashes of pubes and concealed morsels of flesh, some balls, some dick, not completely because they're not totally free. The final segment is baby powder fetish bonanza, as Rusty Adonis lathers with the white stuff to pleasure himself, which climaxes in a visual maelstrom, like a dream of snow, a release.

So even though Locker Boys may look stupid, it's smart enough to play with your head like erotica should. Most of the guys appeared in other releases by Queeriosity Video Project. Adonis and Francis Sienes were in Boylets. The rest are Bobby Reyes, Jonard Buenaventura, and Mark Cortez.


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Mon said...

To The Bakla Review,

Thank you for making a review of the "Locker Boys" video.

I would also like to say thank you because it is through one of your previous posts that I discovered and viewed for the first time the trailer for the indie movie "Boylets" that featured a baby powder sex scene.

I already mentioned this review in our Yahoo! group site.

Once again, maraming salamat!

Baby Powder Fetish Yahoo! Group owner/founder

Anonymous said...

Hello moderator! May I know the name of the second guy featured in LOCKER BOYS, the hairy one, with Superman tattoo.I'll be glad to have his contact number too. Thanks even now. More power!

The Bakla Review said...

@ anonymous: the second guy is credited as bobby reyes. for any inquiry about the film, you may want to contact queeriosity video project at

@ mon: you're welcome. and thank you for being the main impetus behind the baby powder scenes. i quite enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

B- for a shitty straight-to-video, mtrcb approved(perhaps their taste),masquerading as art movie. Im appalled.


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