Saturday, March 14, 2009

Globe Broadband - Tattoo

Let's pretend we get the message. Prepaid internet is so affordable and accessible, you can practically walk around with it etched to your skin. Did you get that on first viewing? Neither did I. But we do get the subliminal message, and it's sex. The genius of the ad is that it turns corporate logos like Yahoo, Friendster, Multiply, and MTV into eye-popping ink art. On rock-hard caramel bodies, of course. Who knew logos could be so lickable?


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Vince said...

I'm not going to buy the kit, but I surely enjoyed the commercial! :-)

Anonymous said...

There was a message? *scratches head*
I thought it was just an excuse to show off hot guys and girls. :P

the spy in the sandwich said...

wait... friendster?


Anonymous said...

that commercial made me want to have that broadbandkit..ahehe.. sana kasama ang mga models :-)

hey havent scan all ur postings since d last time i visited, meron na ba d2 yung commercial ng two basketball kids celebrating their winning just after waking up (both of them topless) ng red mobile commercial?? ahehehe

Anonymous said...

I actually bought the kit to be able to keep on watching the commercial over and over and over and over again! :D and so far the tattoo kit has made me happy, ang commercial walang palya! tarush!

Joshua said...

nasiyahan ako after watching over and over the Globe Broadband Tatto USB modem commercial that is why napabili ako at did not regret it but i will be happier if i could have an iphone 3Gs.i heard they have a plan for as low as 399.isn't it amazing? early Christmas for me by October, will apply for one yeeeehaaaa!!!!

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