Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Queeriosity International Film Festival 2009 (Manila)

February 11-17 at Robinsons Galleria Movie World

QIFF Short Films Category (The Longest One Night Stands)
Ang Pinakamahabang One Night Stand (Eduardo Roy Jr)
Wait Waiter Wait (Cris Pablo)
Tutok (Cris Pablo)
Balot (Harvey Estradough)

QIFF Full Length Films Category
Selda (Paolo Villaluna )
Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros: The blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (Aureus Solito)
Masahista: The Masseur (Brillante Mendoza)
Kurap (Ronnie Bertubin)
Love Birds (Ronnie Bertubin)
Jay (Francis Pasion)
Dose (Senedy Que)

QIFF International Film Category
Feeding Boys, Ayaya (China)
A Very Natural Thing (USA)

Feb 11 7pm ‘Sagwan' (opening film)
Feb 12 7pm 'Into It'
Feb 13 7pm Hikbi
Feb 14 7pm ‘Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand’
Feb 15 7pm A Natural Thing
Feb 16 7pm Night Scene
Feb 17 9pm 'Showboyz' (World Premiere and closing film)

From the Press release:

Queeriosity International Film Festival 2009 celebrates the rise of the Philippine gay niche market

The love month of February this year is pink with queer love as Filipino gay directors come together to launch the first Queeriosity International Film Festival (QIFF) in Robinson Galeria Movieworld and the University of the Philippines Film Institute.

On February 4, two screenings will soft launch the festival at the UP Film Institute. Newcomer enfant terrible Monti Puno Parungao, director of the local TV adaptation of Survivor, showcases his first full length feature Sagwan (The Paddle). The indie potboiler peeks at the lives of canoe pilots in an idyllic Philippine tourist town, where behind the breathtaking beauty flows painful memories of complicated sexualities suppressed and violated.

Also on the same date, the four short films are sewn together under the omnibus title "The Longest One Night Stands." The anthology presents the vignettes with titles: "Wait Waiter Wait" and "Tutok" by Cris Pablo; "Balot" by Harvey Estradough; and "Ang Pinakamahabang One Night Stand" by Eduardo Roy Jr.

The QIFF proceeds to Robinson Galeria on Feb. 11-17 and features Hikbi (Cry of Redemption) by Felbert Go. The gritty indie production is directorial debut of Go who was encouraged by director Lav Diaz to retell his crisis-filled gay life in film.

The festival will also reprise queer selections such as Paolo Villaluna's male prison romance "Selda", Aureus Solito's coming of age in the slums story "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" and the ground breaking tale of a male masseur in Brillante Mendoza’s “Masahista”. Other titles include “Kurap” and “Love Birds” by Ronnie Bertubin; “Jay” by Francis Pasion and “Dose” by Senedy Que.

Foreign titles include “Feeding Boys, Ayaya” from China and “A Very Natural Thing” from US of A.

The launch of the QIFF aims to compliment the community activities of clans and groups of bisexual and gay men such as the Fabulous 30s & 40s, Panget Clan, HBOX, School Boys Society, Bi Males Clan, Bi-Pilipinas Charity, Elite Mens Circle , Binatang Pinoy, New Age Community, Quatros Elementos Clan and many others in promoting acceptance of queer sexuality in society.

According to Cris Pablo, president of the indie film proponent Sinehan Digitales and QIFF founder, the Queeriosity event is in a big part a homage to the original grand dame of queer Pinoy fests, the Pink Film Festival, which traces its roots back to 1999.

"The present generation of gay and lesbian film makers and actors owe a huge debt to the indie film giant, Mr. Nick De Ocampo, because his Pink Film inspired us to come out of the closet and present our community to public screenings. His example encouraged us to openly discuss queer sexuality without shame," Pablo said.

While not as grand as the original Pink, Pablo said the LGBT community should be proud of the humble contributions the QIFF can do to reinvigorate the dying Philippine cinema industry and the emerging pink video market.

For tickets, venues and other information, visit the temporary promo website of QIFF at

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