Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cruise: The Provocative Tour - Video

John Miller backstage

Fancy, swirling camerawork and speedy cutting create a frenzied energy that was lacking in the 2007 live show. We do get close-ups that reveal some information -- like, nobody was really naked onstage; they wore codpieces -- but don't reveal much else. Like, with all those video angles, why can't we be treated to a peekaboo or two? The men may not be great (or even good) dancers, but they're spectacular eye candies. Smooth butts are in ample supply, and they beg for rewind-and-pause. The program itself is hit-and-miss, but I want to watch another show like it.


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Anonymous said...

I would have to say Justin de leon's number was the hottest...especially when the girl dancer is holding the plaster attached to Justin's crotch...Justin is so so so HOT!!!! muntik na makitaan si Justin dun..His fundoshi strip number saved the Cruise show....Yummmy!

Agent Boytoy said...

hi. wala ka pa den rebyu ng roxxxane... intay ko ah... :) gusto ko den mabasa rebyu mo don... salamat