Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Top 15 Hottest Male Moments in Philippine Movies 2007

What makes a hot movie moment? Sex, of course, but not always literally. It's the context and the treatment that taps feelings from the deep bowl of our senses. This is not a list of the hottest actors, although the guys are certainly a big part of why the scenes are so worthy.

The rules: No movie can have more than one moment, so even though Ang Lalake Sa Parola had tons of memorable scenes, there can only be one. No actor can do a double either, so even though Coco Martin was hot in at least three movies this year, I had to pick his most shining minute. Only feature-length movies with theatrical screenings in 2007 were considered; the straight-to-video novelties will have their own list.

Your favorite isn't on this list? No Aga Muhlach, John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual, even though they were textbook sexy in the year's biggest hits (A Love Story, One More Chance, Paano Kita Iibigin)? Not one from gay lord Cris Pablo's digital films? None of the television rookies in the numerous generic horror flicks of the year? No toddler flashing his peepee from Foster Child? Shame on you.

Some are obvious choices. (A sexy guy taking off his shirt is hot, duh.) Some may seem odd (a teen fully clothed in a pond?), but sometimes the uniqueness or the absurdity of the scene ups the heat. Even if no one seems to watch Pinoy movies anymore, the following is proof that we really should be interested again. I wish I could post the specific scenes as they are, but they're hard to find, so I posted the movie trailers instead, whenever available.

15. Denver Olivarez showers in an alley in Ataul For Rent

14. Jason Abalos asks his friend "Bakla ka ba?" in Endo

13. Michael Rivero fucks then sleeps in Casa

12. Victor Basa peels his shirt then helps farm folk in Maling Akala

11. Ping Medina peels his shirt then chops wood in Tukso

10. Joem Bascon smiles and feeds the ocean in Batanes

9. Gerald Anderson wades in wet-Tshirt in I've Fallen For You

8. Andrew Schimmer shows off on the beach in Green Paradise

7. Christian Vasquez is chased across highway in his briefs in Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat

6. Polo Ravales exposes butt through bamboo slits in Silip

5. Zanjoe Marudo steps out of toilet in towel in You Got Me

4. Coco Martin reclines after sex in Tambolista

3. Jordan Herrera drinks water in Vhagets

2. Jay Aquitania videos a sleeping Janvier Daly in Roxxxanne

1. Justin De Leon points to Harry Laurel's unzipped trousers in Ang Lalake Sa Parola


Anonymous said... seems like I only watched 2 movies out of the 15 that you mentioned. Pahiram ng mga DVDs! :D

Anonymous said...

pls do inform us kung these r commercialy available na in dvd/cd, alam ko yung iba like parola,lucky to 2geder meron na. :)

Anonymous said...

ewwww! si polo? yuck yuck..mas hot si ping pag hindi nakahubad.


schnieder_kirk said...

hi do you know where i can watch Roxxxane online? Tgal ko n sya hinahnap...any info please. thanks

Anonymous said...

call me at 09214245862 i'll give you my dvd copy of roxxane

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